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project brief

Created a guide for emerging designers that introduces the concepts of productivity and creativity in a practical and engaging way.


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the process

As designers, we are used to the constant demand of work, living in a never-ending cycle where we find ourselves piled up with new projects week after week. We have been told that to finish a task and achieve goals, more focus and better time management is the solution. Even though concentration tactics can substantially improve productivity, this alone is not enough. Creativity requires freedom and constraint, you need to let your mind wander to get new ideas out of your brain, but you also need to know when to stop and start working. Research has shown that combining focused and unfocused moments will keep your brain charged the longest and you will be better able to find the key to the productivity, creativity, ingenuity, or general happiness you seek. -er is a guide created through the lens of empathy. It explores different tools, methods and materials with the goal of introducing the concepts of productivity and creativity to inspire emerging designers. The goal of -er, is to release the “mak-er”, “achiev-er”, and “thriv-er” in you.